Maine Internet Service

       Maine Internet Service is based in Bangor Maine. We opened for business in the beginning of May 2004, and started as an ISP with just dialup service, but now offer a variety of E-mail, and hosting accounts as well. We are looking forward to adding new options and services as our customer continues to grow.

       We also have a referral program where you can get a free month of service for each new customer you referred us to. See details on the F.A.Q.S. Page [Q+A #9].

Free Web hosting!
       If you have a non-profit organization, which is in need of Web hosting, please contact us. If Maine Internet Service is in support of your organization's efforts, we may be able to provide your organization with free Web hosting. Please note that this is at our discretion and subject to availability.

       You can E-mail us at

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